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xR Virtual / Mixed Reality Studio

Hyundai Motor America World Debut 2020 Sonata

MBA was challenged by Hyundai to invigorate the traditional automotive press conference

and elevate their products, messaging and rise above - stand out.

An innovative approach featuring augmented reality + live motion capture elevated the event,

breathed new life into the 25-minute press conference.

Behind the Scenes and Highlights

Case study Set Design 01.jpg

Initial Stage Design Concept:


The above staging concept was our initial attempt at solving how to incorporate augmented reality into a large live event without requiring the audience to wear a headset or view the event through their small phone screens.  A large bi-parting LED screen proved to be not possible due to rigging and load-in constraints.


This staging concept was a different study in how two static vehicle reveals could happen on the same stage while giving each vehicle its own moment in the spotlight during the press conference.

Case study Set Design 05.jpg
Case study Set Design 03.jpg

Creative Exploration in MBA Studio:


Our team of artists and engineers blended various cutting-edge technologies (augmented reality, motion capture + real-time particle generation) over a few weeks of exploration and experimentation in our studio’s stage.  This creative exploration period provided the foundation and inspiration for the groundbreaking media event that MBA would successfully execute in April 2019 at the New York International Auto Show.

Case study Set Design 06.jpg

After the client decided the augmented reveal environment should be more urban to align with marketing efforts, MBA began to adapt the concept to reflect a more “Urban Vibe.”

Case study Set Design 08.jpg

Concept Pre-Visualization:


The original concept for the Global Reveal of the Hyundai Venue was to transform the convention center into an Urban Jungle through the use of Augmented Reality.

Case study Set Design 07.jpg

Here is the resulting “Urban Vibe” style frame that ultimately was developed to become the reveal concept for the Global Reveal.

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